About us

My Personal Situation

One of the challenges in any family situation where the parents are separated or divorced is the ability to track and report in whose custody the child(ren) was in, what the duration was, and what activities the child was involved in. This tracking is important as it can be used to track the %custody for each parent.

Our history

Our history begins back in 2010, when the founder was served with a separation notice.

The separation quicky devolved into a battle to gain full custody of the children to secure higher amount of child payments and government benefits.

Arguments continue in regards to child custody, lawyers are secured, and court proceedings commence.

Arguments are made challening custody/access time in court and verbal evidence is rejected.

More detailed evidence is reviewed by the judge but conflict still continues as he said-she said. Judge reviews paper notes, excel files, and ms access database, but still questions the validaty of the data.

As a result of the Child Custody Tracker, issues have been minimized and discussions and interactions are more meaningful.


Working for the best results

As a divorced parent myself, I have had issues with my ex arguing the actual time I have spent with my children, how many times they slept over, spent time, etc. I also had a challenge tracking the major issues that were surfacing surrounding parental alienation, kids being left alone at home, issues related to parenting, kids being sent to others homes for sleepover so she can party, time the kids spent with extended family outside of my custody time, etc.

In the past I was using a calendar and notepad to track everything. I then moved to an excel file that had some reporting built in. Eventually I moved to an MS Access Database, which i used to plan Holiday Schedules, Custody/Access Times, Daily Journal entries, etc.

The Child Custody Tracker allows each parent to document exactly when they have access to their child, what they have done with the child and what if any issues exist. The mobile interface can use the Child’s phone to detect, store, and report on when the child came into contact with the parent and when the child was returned to the custodial parent. The robust reporting allows for detailed level views of time the child is spending and provides % breakdowns per day, week, month, quarter, and year of the child custody times..